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Get to Know the Creators

Creators are always coming up with ideas which makes them your go-to person for when you need creative inspiration because they will go down rabbit holes you’ve never imagined and walk away with something so batshit crazy that it’ll be brilliant because they are all brilliant in their own special way.

Tap into this archetypal energy when you need to stand out from the crowd. These archetypes will force you to be innovative with everything from how your brand looks to what your business model is because they believe in rocking the entrepreneurial journey on your own terms.

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Multi-Passionate Creators

Get to Know the Free Spirits

Free Spirits are who you want on your team when you need to be efficient with how you allocate time and resources. They are super savvy and often in-the-know with trends, having to constantly be on top of their gossip game and pop culture references so that they don’t lose relevance.

Tap into this archetypal energy when you need to take a quirky leap of faith. These archetypes will tap you on the shoulder and remind you that there’s a global audience waiting for what you’re selling once you’re able to break free from the antiquated perspectives that don’t help your 2019 hustle.

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Multi-Passionate Free Spirits

Get to Know the Go-Getters

Nothing scares the Go-Getters like the status quo. They don’t want to settle, ever. Their upward mobility drive is part of their Type A personality. They don’t just want the best of the best, they believe they ARE the best of the best and they run their hustle accordingly.

Tap into this archetypal energy when you need to step up your hustle. These archetypes will wake you up at 5am to make sure you’re on track with your routines because they know that while everyone else sleeps in, y’all are going to be striving for that A-list lifestyle that comes when you put in the work.

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Multi-Passionate Go-Getters

Get to Know the Nurturers

Nurturers are rooted in reality and practical, giving you the dose of reality check right when you need it. This is what makes them so nurturing. They know how to help you get out of your own way so you can protect your light and still work that hustle like a champ.

Tap into this archetypal energy when you need to go the distance. These archetypes will hold you accountable to your shit so that you can learn from those teachable moments that have a way of sabotaging your growth because who doesn’t need a bestie that’s determined to make sure you shine and thrive?!

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Multi-Passionate Nurturers