Sacred Brand Archetypes Workbook

Who you are IS your competitive edge. That magical mojo that only you have was given to you for a reason and unlocking your gifts is how you build a kick-ass personal brand.

You can either conform to who you think you’re supposed to be or you can embrace your authentic self and show up the multi-passionate hustler that you are.

So let’s have a heart-to-heart…

This book is available in softcover print and digital formats.
the profiles of 24 entrepreneurial personas
so that you can brainstorm, outline, and plan your game plan with them in mind.

I wrote the SACRED BRAND ARCHETYPES WORKBOOK to help you better understand how to bring out your awesomeness.

There are 4 main archetypes – the creators, free spirits, go getters, and nurturers. Within each are a collection of personalities, each with their own strengths. These archetypes were crafted to help you identify a brand voice that reflects your personality so that you can effectively leverage your bankable skills and amplify your visibility.

I also use astrology to help compile their personalities. Each archetype has a corresponding zodiac sign and will tell you if it’s their sun or moon sign. The 4 categories correspond with the elements of water, air, fire, and earth.

My specialty is strategy for the multi-passionate entrepreneur so you will likely resonate with upwards of 3 to maybe even 5 archetypes. That’s fine. At some point you might even think you resonate with all 24. I know I have!

Here’s the thing – you can’t be 24 personas at once. Find the ones who you resonate with the most right now. In 6 months, if you feel a shift with your hustle then you might find that you resonate with different archetypes. Don’t feel like you need to box yourself into one archetype. We have a little bit of all the archetypes within us.

Some days we need the creator to show up and write those newsletters. Other days we need the go-getter to come forward so she can speak up for us during contract negotiations.

Then there are the times where your free spirit needs to whisk you away to some cool spot where you can remember why you’re doing this entrepreneurial journey in the first place.

Be the thought leader today and the digital nomad tomorrow. Just be sure to be intentional and strategic with how you leverage their mojo for your brand + business so you can finally ditch those cliche tactics for building your brand and come alive online with your real self.

Inside this Book

Identify Your Passion

Define Your Competitive Edge

Monetize Your Bankable Magic

The Creators
Reflect & Strategize.
Brainstorm & Take Action.

The Free Spirits
Reflect & Strategize.
Brainstorm & Take Action.

The Go Getters
Reflect & Strategize.
Brainstorm & Take Action.

The Nurturers
Reflect & Strategize.
Brainstorm & Take Action.

Sacred Brand Archetypes Worksheets

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