Batching Hour

Virtual Meetup for Content Strategy + Creation

Let's Roll Up Our Collective Sleeves and Get $hit Done because
Your online presence can use some work.

Sure, being present is great but are you being strategic with all of your engagement efforts? Content is great for a number of reasons. It lets you position yourself as an authority, showcase your personality, and encourage your audience to purchase.

Whether you’re sharing a ton of free information or funneling potential customers through your sales sequence, content is how you guide your peeps through whatever journey you want them to take.

Being your cute, funny, lovable self, consistently, can be exhausting.

So let’s make your content strategy + creation process easier!

The Batching Hour is what it says…

An hour to batch your content with creativity, ease, and personality!

Me + you, in a small coven of awesome soulpreneurs, connecting for an hour-ish to batch the following month’s content.  I’ll walk you through the AIDA technique of writing and we’ll identify opportunities for your brand to engage in relevant storytelling.

We’ll dish on topics, brainstorm articles + newsletters, as well as do a deep dive into how to pimp your mojo in an authentic, engaging, and monetizable way. 

November is holiday shopping bonanza!
This is a special batching hour.

You’ve got products, services, digital downloads, published books, and a whole bunch of goodies
you can sell so let’s focus on making it rain during that special time of the year!

This batching hour will be dedicated to holiday marketing content
including but not limited to promotional emails and social media flash sales.

The Next Batching Hour is…

Sunday, October 27

8pm New York City // 5pm Los Angeles // 1am London (10/28) // 10am Sydney (10/28)

There’s no reason why you can’t position your offerings in front of a wider audience during a time where people are looking for EXACTLY what you have to sell. So let’s batch for an hour and get you showing your sparkly self in a more cohesive, consistent, and strategic way. 😘

Common themes for November include:
  • Thanksgiving
  • Gratitude
  • Novel Writing
  • Holiday Shopping (Black Friday, Cyber Monday, etc)
Some example of what’s being observed in October:
  • National Novel Writing Month
  • Daylight Saving Time
  • Stress Awareness Day
  • National STEM/STEAM Day
  • Movember
  • National Native American Heritage Month
  • Vegan Month (I $hit you not!)

The Batching Hour is virtually done via Zoom.

Each session will be recorded so you can access afterwards. Come with ideas, questions, and an open mind for storytelling!

Registration is $25 and includes a video replay of the session.

Use this “Batching Hour” to come up with the topics and outlines for your next:
  • Social Media Challenge
  • Lead Magnet
  • Email Newsletter
  • Blog Post + Article
  • Podcast Episode
  • Youtube Video
Grab your notebooks and journals,
a chai latte or hot cocoa,

and let's get to batching!

Our time together is about giving you the space, creative inspiration, and left brain structure to be relevant and consistent with your content creation.

I look forward to “seeing” you there!