Brand Voice Clinic
Are you a writer or storyteller?
Do you offer graphic design or creative brand styling services?

The words you use to express + position your brand is what people will remember. When you sound generic, you’ll come across as the Walgreens of your industry.

When you give your brand personality, you become memorable. You don’t need to be quirky. You just need to be authentically YOU.

If you want to do the work on your own, purchase the worksheets and give your brand the structure it needs to captivate your audience and customers.

What's Included...
Get instant access to the following worksheets:
  • Telling Your Awesome Story
  • Creating A Heart + Soul Connection
  • Teachable Moments
  • Give Yourself an Honest Critique
  • Creative Self-Reflection
  • Strengths + Weaknesses Outline
  • Brand Dictionary
  • Your Unfair Advantage
  • Social Bios

Size: 8.5in x 11in
14 pages, 1.4mb

These worksheets are available as a PDF instant download.

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Brand Voice Clinic is for you if you:

Can work independently

Have the time to go through the worksheets

Are clear about your brand and just need to better express your voice

Have more than one brand and you want to make them all cohesive

Brand Voice Clinic is NOT you if you:

Want someone to guide you through the worksheets

Don’t have time to put in the work

Are not clear about what your brand is or what business you want to create

Have no interest in building genuine relationships with your audience + customers