Imperfect Storytelling

28 Day Writing Challenge

Here’s a little secret: Imperfect = I’m Perfect. 

Real talk, you already have a great voice. Writing is a skill that you learn and you cultivate, but your voice is already perfect. It took me 20+ years to embrace my voice. I don’t want you to spend that much time embracing yours.

IMPERFECT STORYTELLING is a writing challenge for practicing your brand voice + style.

When you enroll in this challenge, you will receive one daily email, delivered to your inbox over the course of 28 days.
  • Each email includes one (1) writing prompt with sample keywords and a “click to tweet” prompt so you can integrate social engagement as you share your writing.

You can publicly share them on your website or use social media (IG + FB) if you don’t have a website yet.

The goal here is for you to make writing a habit with these simple assignments. They give you enough space to be creative without asking you to divulge some deep dark intimate secrets.

Creativity is a muscle and when you work it like one would their biceps then you’ll have the clarity, confidence, and courage to be consistent with your brand storytelling.

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