Reinvention Clinic

All Day Workshop

It's Time For You To
Show Up As the Best Version of Yourself
But there's a disconnect and you're ready to pivot

so that you can finally shine your light!

I’m sure it’s normal to leap into a career that has no job security and is unstable AF, and yet here we BOTH are, navigating entrepreneurship without a blueprint and still believing that we can be successful on our own terms.

Who’s with me?!

It’s easier said than done, and while those “Goal Digger” quotes look great on Instagram, the reality of pursuing your passion is much more difficult, lonely, and wonky. Because it’s totally normal to write that newsletter on what others call Sunday and for some reason, you’re now BFFs with the tech support people who help you fix those pages on your site.

And lately you’ve been feeling that pull. You know what I’m talking about. Those pesky whispers that keep you awake at night wondering…”Is this worth it? Should I quit?”

We’ve all had those moments where we second guess everything about the hustle. You might even thought to yourself if you were ever really that passionate about doing this.

Real talk: it’s not a coincidence that you’re here and the fact that you’ve made this far speaks a lot to your ambition and drive. I’m not here to tell you to quit. I’m here to help you try another way.

Because maybe you don’t need to truly let go. You just need to reinvent your hustle.

Get focused, intentional, and strategic
so you can honor your pace and create a game plan on your terms.

does this sound like you…

I am frustrated with how long THIS PATH TO SUCCESS is taking me to achieve. 

I don’t know if my PASSION HAS A PURPOSE or if it’s just another impossible dream.

I lost my spark and I don’t know HOW TO REIGNITE MY DESIRE for my brand and business. 

I spent all this energy BUILDING ONE BRAND and I’m not sure if I have it in me to start again.

I feel like I’ve LOST MY FIRE with my brand + business and I don’t know what to do.

My VISION USED TO BE CLEAR but now I just don’t feel connected to it.

I’ve outgrown what I’ve created and am READY FOR THE NEXT VERSION of my brand.

I get overwhelmed more frequently and NEED CLEAR STRUCTURE for evolving my hustle.

I am not willing to give up but I also know I can’t keep going on like this so I’m READY TO REDEFINE WHO I AM AND WHAT I DO so that I can transform my brand and business into something that reflects my growth.

Your tunnel vision is blocking your potential
So let me help you get out of your own way!
Birds of a feather come together to create epic brands with a dope strategy!

If you are still reading this then you’re intrigued enough to learn more of what the
is all about and how it works.

We will get together, in a small group, to brainstorm, strategize, and create an actionable strategy so your brand can enjoy a ménage à trois with passion + purpose + profitability.

In this all day workshop, we’ll review your existing brand and create a reinvention game plan so you can take action and make moves with your revised brand + business.

are done in the NYC metro area.

If you would like to host a clinic in your city, let’s connect!

The next clinic is scheduled for

Saturday, July 20
10am – 3pm
New York City, NY

Agenda for the
Brand Reinvention Clinic


Arrive + Get Settled In

Use this time to grab you seat, say “hola” to your fellow clinic peeps, grab something to drink, and browse through your welcome kit.

You can also use this time to take some pics for the ‘gram and let your tribe know you’re working on something magical! *wink*


Welcome + Introductions

We’re spending the entire day together so it would be great for everyone to know who’s in the room. Off the record: I will be assessing you during this time. How you introduce yourself says a lot about what you think of your brand.

Notice how I said “assessing” and not “judging.” This is a judgement-free zone!


Why are you feeling disconnected?

There are several reasons why you feel disconnected from your brand and we’ll discuss them during this session. Whether your disconnection comes from a lack of motivation, a fugly website, or inconsistent messaging – we’ll identify what’s the root of your brand woes so that you have clarity on what needs to get done.



Lunch Break

We’ll take a break so you can breathe and grab some grub. You can step out to get some sunshine, hit the restrooms, check your IG, chat it up with your clinic peeps, and text your brand besties how much insight you’re learning.


The Reinvention Process

There are 11 questions to ask when you’re going through the reinvention process. It’s more than just changing your logo and offering a new service. There are levels to this hustle and your strategy is no different. This is your time to be intentional and strategic with how you’re showing up.

Group Activity: Create a Brand Pivot Game Plan


Wrap Up + Next Steps

We will close out the workshop portion during this time but you’re likely to be highly energized and excited to do more. So stick around for a bit to network, brainstorm some more, and continue working on making your brand better than it was before.

We'll meet at a FAB office space
And Make Epic Magic Together!

Bring your dope self, some business cards, and an open mind. I’ll come with the workbook, note cards, grub, and the visionary teachings to help you remember why you wanted to pursue your bankable brand in the first place.

Rest easy knowing that I've got you!
Here's What You'll Get at the Clinic:

5-Hour Workshop

We’ll meet, in the heart of NYC, with a small group to mastermind, organize ideas, plot world domination, and create an epic strategy for your dope brand.

Printed Workbook

This 80 page book is full of writing exercises and strategy outlines so you can identify your disconnect and create a blueprint for your bankable hustle.

Lunch & Snacks

No breakthrough has ever been epic on an empty stomach. You will be provided with food and snacks to help keep you hydrated, alert, and on top of your game.

Brand Coaching

I don’t ever like to leave anyone hanging so we’ll stay connected for email coaching, for 2 weeks following the clinic, where I’ll provide accountability support.

Register Today!

Saturday, July 20
10am – 3pm

New York City, NY

All-Day Workshop

Brand Reinvention Clinic


done live in the heart of NYC

printed and delivered as a PDF


for 2 weeks, via email or text,
for when you have pressing Qs
and want quick guidance or feedback


2 weeks after the clinic