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Look stylish, polished, and dope AF with
Creative Design Magic
and create the website

that aligns with your bankable hustle.

Not everyone needs an expensive custom site. Sometimes you just need a site that looks good and plays up your strengths.

But I get it. The FOMO (fear of missing out) is strong online. You start looking at other websites and before you know – poof – there comes a strong case of design envy.

With a stylish font, some great graphics and kick-ass copy you can have the website that looks like it’s worth a million bucks.

I work with multipassionate entrepreneurs, like yourself, who wants to look fab online and run a kick-ass digital brand presence without having to sacrifice a vital organ as a down payment.

Stop wondering…

  • How to tell your story.
  • What plugins to download.
  • Where to find quality graphics.
  • Which colors and fonts match your brand style.

I will walk you through ALL of this and give you the peace of mind you need so you can kick-ass with your brand + business. 

Design Hacking was created to help you
Create an online presence with personality
so you can look and sound like the part your brand was born to play.

does this sound like you…

I have a WEBSITE THAT DOES NOT REFLECT ME, my personality, or my brand.

I don’t like looking at my website because it just DOES NOT LOOK PRETTY.

I hesitate to share my website with others because I DON’T KNOW WHAT THEY WILL THINK.

Part of why I don’t market myself is because MY ONLINE PRESENCE LOOKS MEDIOCRE.

I’m shifting in a new direction and need my online presence to REFLECT MY EVOLUTION.

I’d love to LEVERAGE MY WEBSITE so that it works FOR me instead me working for it.

I want to MONETIZE MY BRAND WITH EASE and peace of mind.

I want my website to be simple without compromising my UNIQUE BRAND EXPERIENCE.

I want to show up in the world with the BEST VERSION OF MY BRAND & BUSINESS so that I’m engaging with the people who need to hear my message, buy my products, and experience my own personal magic.

get the website and online presence that reflects

Are you ready to cultivate a relationship with an engaged audience of subscribers & customers?

Your website is your digital home and it’s time to invite the right people over.

Yet you hesitate because your website looks “meh”
or you’re not ready to show it off because it is ALWAYS
in “work-in-progress” mode.

You know what I’m talking about!

It’s not PERFECT and you “need” it to be “PERFECT” because one typo will erase all those years of work experience, am I right?!

Your website will never be “PERFECT” because that doesn’t exist. What does exist is polished, stylish, professional, and functional.

Redefine what “having it all” means with your brand.

You can have something solid that works for you without the headaches of something complex.

Design Hacking Includes:
Brand Strategy

I want to get to know you better so that I can personalize your design hacking experience and meet your expectations.

What are your passions, bankable skills, and big picture vision. This will mark the start of our brand adventure!

Style Guide

Your brand style guide includes inspiration to hone on your brand voice and create consistency with your visual storytelling.

You will select typography, color palettes, and design elements to complement your new look and organize your assets.

Custom Design

Your website will be based in WordPress and it will have responsive features, allowing your site to be mobile-friendly.

You will also have a tutorial for learning the inner workings of WordPress so you can manage your site on your own.

Website Support

We will review best practices for your WordPress website so that you have the knowledge to manage your own site.

I will also answer questions and walk you through various plugin and integrations so that your site is running smoothly.

Add-On Features

We will go through the following features for your website: digital downloads, online selling and/or membership capabilities.

Add what you need. Leave out what you don’t. This is YOUR website so let’s make sure you include what YOU need.

Marketing Assets

Your design adventure does not end with a website. Your online presence should match your overall brand look.

We will cover matching designs for Facebook, Twitter, as well as email newsletters so you can market your goods with style.

Social Media Candy

Once your brand is redesigned, it’s time to show her off! Social media success is contingent on two things: style and consistency.

We’ll batch your visuals so you have an archive of stunning visuals to choose from as you execute your social media strategy.

Brand Coaching

Once you’ve got your brand looking like the beautiful swam, I’ll stick around to help make sure it doesn’t fall back into ugly duckling status.

After you attend Design Hacking, you will receive email coaching, for 30 days, to get accountability support for any lingering Qs.

Who needs to attend
Design Hacking

Creative Soulpreneurs

You’ve got the skills and you are already generating income but need style and structure so that you can sell your offerings, products, and programs with ease and efficiency.


Renaissance Hustlers

Your online presence is all over the place because you do a little bit of everything so you need to consolidate and create a cohesive digital presence that reflects all of your passions.


Coaches & Healers

Getting clients is not an issue for you but you’re ready to uplevel and scale your business with a combination of digital products, virtual courses, and/or group programs.


Passionate Influencers

You’ve got the audience on social media but your digital home, aka your website, needs to reflect and match your growing online empire so that you can diversify your business model.

Prep Work
Before We Start Design Hacking



I would LOVE to get to know more about you. For example, do you like Piña Coladas and getting caught in the rain?

I need to get a sense for WHO you are so don’t be shy. Who you are IS your competitive edge so let’s dig deep and bring your awesome self to life online. This helps me personalize the course materials to fit your brand and align with the kind of bankable hustle you want to create.

EVERYONE NEEDS TO COMPLETE THIS after registering for the Design Hacking course. I customize the lessons to fit your specific brand + business needs and I want to make sure to factor in your challenges before you come to learn + work.



Access materials I created exclusively for you so that you are ready to transform your brand during Design Hacking.

Your toolkit comes with tasks, audio downloads, and a welcome video so that you can organize your ideas, compile whatever assets you have, and get ready for your design journey. Time flies when you’re having fun and it goes by even quicker when we’re upgrading your brand.

Be ready with some of the foundational work so we can hit the ground running!

This will be available for you to access on February 1, 2019.
Week #1
Design Strategy

Monday, February 18

8-9:30pm New York City  //  5-6:30pm Los Angeles  //  1-2:30am London  //  12-1pm Sydney, Australia

In this class, we will do a deep dive into your brand style, voice, and visual story.

What is your message and how are you aligned to deliver it?

Website design is rarely just about logos, fonts, and color palettes. We will spend time unlocking your core essence so that you’re picking the right design elements and conveying a presence that matches your personality, passions, and purpose.

Learn how to:

  • Create a brand style guide
  • Identify the typography, design elements, and colors that reflect your personality
  • Organize your design strategy
  • Outline the brand experience you want to convey to your audience

This class is 90 minutes long. 

Week #2
Digital Blueprint

Monday, February 25

8-9:30pm New York City  //  5-6:30pm Los Angeles  //  1-2:30am London  //  12-1pm Sydney, Australia

In this class, we will get geeky and breakdown your website’s layout, format, and backend structure.

What is your end game and how are you positioning your brand for success?

It’s one thing to look cute with your website but all the millennial pink and gold borders don’t equate to profit. We’ll spend time creating your mockup and learning how to leverage the real estate on all of your website pages so that you can marry style with functionality.

Learn how to:

  • Create a brand sitemap that outlines all the pages on your site
  • Design the different sections of your web page
  • Understand what works on your website
  • Leverage copy to help amplify your visual storytelling

This class is 90 minutes long. 

Week #3
Your Bankable Hustle

Monday, March 4

8-9:30pm New York City  //  5-6:30pm Los Angeles  //  1-2:30am London  //  12-1pm Sydney, Australia

In this class, we will breakdown your services, digital products, courses, programs, products, and membership offerings.

What is your business model and how are you using your website to make sales?

Each page on your website should have a focus + purpose, whether that’s to build your audience or convert leads into sales. When you treat each page as either a landing page or sales page, you create a website that is aligned with your bankable hustle.

Learn how to:

  • Know when to use a landing page for leads or a sales page
  • Outline your landing and sales page
  • Configure the tech logistics for handling transactions
  • Manage expectations with a consistent brand experience

This class is 90 minutes long. 

Week #4
Audience Cultivation and Engagement

Monday, March 11

8-9:30pm New York City  //  5-6:30pm Los Angeles  //  12-1:30am London  //  11-1pm Sydney, Australia

In this class, we will have a heart-to-heart about how to leverage storytelling.

When people engage with your brand, what do you want them to do?

People may not be ready to buy from you off the bat and that’s fine. Content creation is one way to build a connection with the people who want to buy from you. It also serves as an opportunity to showcase your expertise and create awareness for your business.

Learn how to:

  • Repurpose existing content
  • Style your content for engagement
  • Best utilize the sidebar, footer, and author box
  • Optimize the space on your website

This class is 90 minutes long. 

Week #5
Inbox Decorating

Monday, March 18

8-9:30pm New York City  //  5-6:30pm Los Angeles  //  12-1:30am London  //  11-1pm Sydney, Australia

In this class, we will discuss the magic of email marketing and how to deliver branded PDFs.

What impression are you leaving with witty emails and downloadable PDFs?

The brand experience does not end at your website. How are you staying consistent with the rest of your hustle? Keep the experience aligned with your website so that mail newsletters, guides, opt-ins, and worksheets all look and sound like the best version of your brand.

Learn how to:

  • Match your newsletters to look like your brand
  • Design stylish PDFs for opt-ins
  • Create a template for worksheets, guides, and other materials
  • Organize your automated sequences so they don’t look generic

This class is 90 minutes long. 

Week #6
Social Media Candy

Monday, March 25

8-9:30pm New York City  //  5-6:30pm Los Angeles  //  12-1:30am London  //  11-1pm Sydney, Australia

In this class, we will design social media visuals so you can have a 360 approach with your strategy.

Are you the same brand on social as you are on your website?

You can have the perfect website and email newsletters but they mean nothing if your social media presence looks like shit. Consistency is how you speak and look on a regular basis. Do your posts on Instagram reflect who you are off the platform?

Learn how to:

  • Create templates so you’re not reinventing the wheel
  • Design your graphics so they are formatted to different platforms
  • Manage a library of designs so you can batch as needed
  • Organize custom visuals for launches

This class is 90 minutes long. 


  • SIX 90-MINUTE LIVE CLASSES, done via Zoom and recorded for you to access and reference back as needed.
  • ONLINE VIRTUAL SUPPORT, to answer ongoing Qs and help provide recommendations in between classes.
  • PERSONALIZED BRAND AUDIT to review areas for improvement with your current online brand presence including but not limited to website, social media, Youtube channel, and/or downloaded assets such as your email opt-in.
  • INFORMATION PACKED WORKSHEETS to guide you through the design journey.
  • UNLIMITED EMAIL COACHING, for one month after the last class, to give you the accountability support you need to follow through on your website’s upkeep.
  • WEEKLY OFFICE HOURS, to get hands-on support as you work through the class lessons and create your website. Ask Qs, get help troubleshooting issues, and never feel like you’re doing this alone.
  • TEMPORARY WORDPRESS INSTALLATION, so you can keep up with the lessons and learn how to design your pages on a WordPress website. This is available for those who are not currently on WordPress but want to make the switch.
**You will receive this temporary installation for the duration of the course and you will have 2 weeks to migrate your content to your own dedicated installation after the course ends.**
Ready to Create Something Awesome?

1. Register + Get Started

Once you sign-up for this course, you will get access to exclusive videos, audios, and worksheets to help you prepare for your design journey.

2. Organize Your Ideas

Even if you are not launching a new website, when you are creating a new design project you’ll want to properly organize your creative ideas and strategize next steps.

3. Get Your Brand Audit

Schedule a quick session with me so I can review your brand and incorporate ideas into the design course that helps you align + monetize your bankable brand.

4. Prepare to Work

6 weeks is enough time to learn how to create something that matches your brand’s personality + business goals, but you have to be willing to do the work.

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Bonus Goodies!
Creative Brand Strategy Planner
You will receive a digital copy when you sign up for the design hacking course.

You’re on top of your game. You’ve got the audience and this is not your first rodeo.

You’ve got a big vision for the future but you know you won’t get there without support.

Managing your online brand has become a bit too much for you to juggle.

Being awesome is a full-time job and there’s not enough hours in the day to oversee everything you’ve got going on.

You don’t quite have access to cloning technology…yet…so you’re considering alternatives, however you’re a bit controlling when it comes to delegating.

Get ready to make magic with this planner!

Spend a weekend putting together your game plan and use this planner to help you stay focused and on track with the details of your hustle.

This planner is great for when you need structure with your social media strategy, email marketing, content creation, and big picture vision planning.

Use this planner by your lonesome or get a bunch of your entrepreneurial tribe together and leverage this planner for your mastermind.

The CREATIVE BRAND STRATEGY PLANNER covers 3 full months so that you can hone in on one big goal and put all of your sweat equity into making magic happen!

Frequently Asked Questions
Will I REALLY walk away with a new website design?

Yes. While you may not be a seasoned pro at designing websites, I am. What would take you 2 months to create will take me hours.

I will show you my personal design hacks so that you can be more productive with your time and still churn out quality, stylish, and personable pages for your website.

Do I need an existing website?

Not really but it helps. If you don’t have an existing website that means you’ll have more prep work to do. Copy is often what slows down the design process which you have with an existing website.

If you don’t have a website then let’s talk about that during your brand strategy call so that you are clear about what needs to be ready before you attend Design Hacking.

I am not using WordPress for my website. Do I need to have my website on WordPress?


Everyone needs to be on the same platform so that when we go through the techical aspects of web design, you are all on the same page.

My specialty is WordPress and if we want to get you launched by the end of Design Hacking we need to use the platform that I know like the back of my hand.

I am a newbie. Is Design Hacking for me?

If you are a newbie who has an existing website, then yes. If you are a newbie with NO website, then Design Hacking is NOT for you.

I am picky about what I want? Is this for me?

Let’s define “picky.” Do you have standards for how your brand looks or are your expectations unrealistic? In my experience, “picky” is usually code for “perfectionism” which will not only get in the way of your brand’s evolution but also your business’ success.

If you are picky because you have a specific aesthetic that you want to convey, then YES Design Hacking is for you.

If you are picky because you want it all to be perfect and you struggle with getting that because it just NEVER seems to be perfect, then NO Design Hacking is not for you.

I also suggest that you do some work on that blocked sacral chakra. 😉

Do I need to have special programs like Photoshop or Illustrator?

Nope. I use free web-based programs to help you design your website so that you don’t need to download a program unless you really want to.

Will you supply a WordPress theme for me or do I need to pick my own?

During your brand strategy call, we will discuss themes. You can come with your own theme or I can find one for you. All themes are created differently so I need to get a clear understanding of which you are going to go with so that I know how to navigate it before Design Hacking.

How many pages can we design?

I will give you a guide that goes through the layouts for most websites. What takes the longest is the planning, strategy, and prep work.

You will work on this BEFORE attending Design Hacking so that we can hit the ground running with design + tech logistics. So in theory you can design as many pages as you want.

The more prep work you do before Design Hacking, the more pages you can design during our time together.

I want a full-fledge ecommerce website.

Well alrighty!

Ecommerce websites tend to have a lot of logistics. If you want to sell a handful of products then we got this! If you are looking to launch your version of Modcloth then Design Hacking is not for you.

Why? Because comprehensive ecommerce websites are better served using Shopify or Big Commerce.

Now if that big ecommerce store of yours needs an independent blog, then we can totally work on that!

Can I really learn how to design in 6 weeks?

Um YEA! Design is only overwhelming when you don’t know how to do it. During this course, I help to demystify design so you can feel confident in your ability to create + execute your website with ease and simplicity.

I created Design Hacking to minimize the time so that you are rolling up your sleeves and co-creating your new website with a pro. (psst, that’s me!) The great thing about Design Hacking is that once you do the work, it’s all done. There’s no need to wait for mockups or modifications.

I am also showing you how to apply the “rinse and repeat” method so that you can scale your brand + business with ease.

This is perfect if you need a new website done yesterday or if you’re not looking to spend the next 3-6 months getting it done by a designer.

Can I just hire you to design my website?

Hahahaha. NO! Full stop.

Design Hacking allows me to indulge my passion for creating something pretty without dedicating myself to being that designer who never leaves her laptop.

I want to explore the world, go on adventures, write sappy poetry, take pictures, meet awesome women entrepreneurs, and make pretty things.

Design Hacking allows me to share what I know so that you can create something remarkable as well which will then free up your time to do all those other things you love to do.

I still have some questions. Can we talk?


I’m on Instagram and Twitter. Connect with me on social and we can have a quick chat to discuss your brand and whether Design Hacking is for you.