Sacred Journey Self-Mastery Guide

“Find yourself,” they say. “Do what you love,” they say.

What if you don’t know who you are or what you love?

Entrepreneurial success is more than just how many zeros are in your bank account. The emotional journey brings up a slew of emotions that speak to your insecurities, limiting beliefs, and unhealthy perspectives about money, self-worth, and success.

This book is available in softcover print and digital formats.
the Sacred Journey oracle deck
so you can go through the 10 phases with intuition, meditation, and soulfully driven insight!

I wrote the SACRED JOURNEY SELF-MASTERY GUIDE to help you awaken your personal brand and navigate entrepreneurship with intention and purpose.

This book is different from anything you’ve seen. I created an oracle deck and learned that this hustle doesn’t have a clearly defined point a + b. In all honesty, this guide was supposed to be a planner and you’ll notice planner aspects throughout the book. But it’s much deeper than.

There are 10 phases to one’s sacred brand journey.

  • SURRENDER to the process
  • ACCEPT your truth
  • HARNESS your anchor
  • PLAN with purpose
  • EXPRESS your desires
  • ORGANIZE your power
  • INSPIRE your world
  • DESIGN your vision
  • AMPLIFY your message
  • ACTIVATE your magic

You can go through this guide in 50 days or 10 weeks. There are 5 cards for each phase to help you through the 10 phases so that you can tap into who you are and awaken the personal brand you were born to share with the world.

This is a book that is deeply rooted in self-mastery.

Your success is however you want to define it but it also very much an inside job. So use this guide when you want to embark on your own sacred brand journey.

Inside this Book

What is a Sacred Journey?

What Does it Mean to be Multi-Passionate?

Personal Brand Awakening

Finding Your Baseline

Tapping into Your Mind, Heart, and Soul

Zodiac & Lunar Cycle Quick Glance

Surrender Phase

Accept Phase

Harness Phase

Plan Phase

Express Phase

Organize Phase

Inspire Phase

Design Phase

Amplify Phase

Activate Phase

Matte Softcover

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Size: 7×10 in
421 Pages

Size: 8.5×11 in
393 Pages

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