Inbox Storytelling Support
Engage your audience via email marketing with creativity, purpose, and personality.

This offering is for those who either struggle to find their brand writing voice or are too busy to stay consistent with email newsletters.

You’ve got a dope brand + business but you're not being cohesive with your copy or consistent with how you engage your audience.

Being awesome is a full-time job and there’s not enough hours in the day to oversee everything you’ve got going on.

You want someone who understands your niche and “gets” what your brand is all about. A skilled storyteller who can help express the authentic YOU so that you’re showing up with the best version of your brand + business.

It can take weeks and months before a lead becomes a customer. Some people are just not ready. Leverage email marketing to nurture your relationship with them as you prepare them to be where they need to be in order to be ready to work with you.


Step 1
Purchase Your Support Plan
Step 2
Share your details with me
Step 3
Schedule Your 30-Min Session
Step 4
Approve Your Newsletters
Stay consistent with how you engage your audience by
Cultivating your relationship with them via their inbox.

Organize Your Email Marketing

Update your audience with the latest offerings as well provide them with relevant expertise so you can stay top of mind.

Position your brand

Provide useful strategies and insights so your audience can clearly identify your brand as the solution to their wants and needs.

Stay Consistent

Repurpose your content for social media so you’re continuously active and amplifying your brand message to those who need to hear it.

OK, Let's go into the details...

I will serve as your storytelling muse for…

  • email marketing campaigns
  • launch strategy
  • social media storytelling
  • content creation

We will connect, via video chat, to discuss your goals, deliverables, timelines & launches.

During this 30-minute call, we’ll create a brand hustle calendar for the month so that your newsletters, social media postings and blogs are aligned with what you have going on in the business.

This session is done once per month.

After this session, I will draft 4 email newsletters for you to use throughout the month. Use these emails for your weekly newsletter and repurpose the content for social media, as needed.

Each storytelling draft comes with unlimited revisions, to ensure that your brand voice is clear, concise, and with the right amount of personality to spark engagement.

In addition to writing your email newsletters, I will format them within the email marketing provider of your choice, and schedule them for distribution.
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