Success is the direct result of
Strategic and Intentional Effort
where you're leveraging your passion

to create a bankable hustle.

Once upon a time you had flights of fancy to be an entrepreneur. You had the ambitions, the go-getter attitude, a clever AF idea, and all the optimism in the world to make it happen.

Then reality kicks in.

This $hit is HARD & you were not prepared for what the harsh realities of “pursuing your passion.”

You’ve seen all of those perfectly styled Instagram photos of Boss Babes crushing it and the endless streams of “build your business in 30 days” promo ads on Facebook. You probably bought a few of them or at the very least opted into a gazillion email newsletters with the hopes of getting some secret sauce to fix your brand.

What you ended up getting was a chronic case of brand envy, information overwhelm, and copycat syndrome which resulted in frequent bouts of analysis paralysis.

Because imposter syndrome is the pink elephant in the chatroom and no one wants to talk about the emotional journey unless they’re selling you a $2,000 coaching program to help you “play big” without really addressing the issues that plague your hustle.

Let’s work together to break that cycle.
Get the Clarity, Confidence and Courage
to manage and express your personal brand, with creativity & magic.

does this sound like you…

I have no idea WTF I’M DOING on social media, my website, or with email marketing.I know I should be BUILDING MY LIST but I need direction on how and where to start.

I am PASSIONATE ABOUT TOO MANY TOPICS and I’m not sure if I should just pick one.

I know my ZONE OF GENIUS but need a game plan for leveraging it.

I know my ‘ish but I lack the structure to EXECUTE WITH EASE & CONFIDENCE.

I’d love to MONETIZE MY BANKABLE SKILLS without compromising my integrity.

I am OVERWHELMED by all the content available online about building my brand and business.

I am ready to make a change and pivot towards what WHAT LIGHTS UP MY SOUL.

I want to elevate my brand but I need GUIDANCE, SUPPORT, AND AN OCCASIONAL EAR TO VENT my frustrations during bouts of overwhelm and emotional insecurity about pursuing this whole “passion as a business” thing.

Show up with purpose & intention
And Align with what lights up your soul.

You are a multi-passionate women who want to cultivate their magic to do epic $hit online. Because who you are is how you stand out, with your brand AND business.


With BRAND MENTORSHIP, I to bridge two worlds together: the emotional journey as an entrepreneur and the daily hustle of managing your brand & business.

Your hook is more than a gimmick. It’s not your ability to hack for shortcuts. Doing the “work” is more than just figuring out the latest algorithm. It’s about bringing together your personality and purpose so that you can profit from your passions.

Your passions, skills, and talents were given to you for a reason and so let’s work on bringing YOU out so you can shine and monetize your bankable skills with creativity, personality, and a sustainable business model your awakened self can be proud of.

You can have all the heart & hustle in the world
But it means nothing without consistent action.

is a 12-month strategy + accountability offering
to get you organized, focused,
and in forward momentum action-driven mode.

Enroll for the entire year or go month-to-month.

Leverage brand mentorship to help you launch a new project or use the time to get consistent with your workflow.

We keep it simple and manageable so you can work your flow without feeling overwhelmed.

Let’s break it down…

Sign-up for brand mentorship and you each month you get the following:
Brand Strategy
Video Sessions

At the top of the month, we’ll connect via group video chat, for up to 90 minutes, to outline your goals, identify your strategy, and create a game plan for executing your hustle.

These sessions are designed to help you align with your intentions, and keep you focused on your big picture vision.

Exclusive discounts for
Digital Workshops

Register for the digital workshops for only $10 and learn the ins and outs for transforming your aha moment into a tangible offering. You will also have the option to download the recording.

These sessions are designed to help you launch, create, shift, pivot, or re-vamp old ideas into new projects that you can monetize.

First Come, First Serve
1:1 Office Hours

Towards the end of the month, I’ll be available online so you can get private attention from me to discuss Qs re: your brand, business, and/or get guidance after the digital workshops.

These sessions are available on a first come, first serve basis and require you to be available on Google Hangouts.

Weekly accountability &
Virtual Coaching

Get weekly accountability check-ins via email, audios to harness the key phases of the lunar cycle, and a private newsletter to support and guide you along the entrepreneurial journey.

I’m here to help you thrive and provide the resources that give you confidence and courage to make epic $hit.

2019 Dates to Remember

(all times are 8pm EST)

Renew Your Energy


Video Session: Jan 2
Office Hours: Jan 20

February: HONOR

Video Session: Feb 3
Office Hours: Feb 24

March: CHARM

Video Session: Mar 3
Office Hours: Mar 24

Innovate Your Vision


Video Session: Apr 3
Office Hours: Apr 21


Video Session: May 1
Office Hours: May 26

June: GLOW

Video Session: Jun 2
Office Hours: Jun 23

Challenge Your Creativity


Video Session: Jul 2
Office Hours: Jul 21

August: SEIZE

Video Session: Aug 4
Office Hours: Aug 25

September: SUBMIT

Video Session: Sep 4
Office Hours: Sep 22

Conscious Release

October: SEDUCE

Video Session: Oct 2
Office Hours: Oct 20

November: CLAIM

Video Session: Nov 3
Office Hours: Nov 24

December: SAVOR

Video Session: Dec 4
Office Hours: Dec 22


You’re on top of your game. You’ve got the audience and this is not your first rodeo. You’ve got a big vision for the future but you know you won’t get there without support.

Managing your online brand has become a bit too much for you to juggle.

Being awesome is a full-time job and there’s not enough hours in the day to oversee everything you’ve got going on. You don’t quite have access to cloning technology…yet…so you’re considering alternatives, however you’re a bit controlling when it comes to delegating.


Spend a weekend putting together your game plan and use this planner to help you stay focused and on track with the details of your hustle.

This planner is great for when you need structure with your social media strategy, email marketing, content creation, and big picture vision planning.

Use this planner by your lonesome or get your entrepreneurial tribe together and leverage this planner together.

The CREATIVE BRAND STRATEGY PLANNER covers 3 full months so that you can hone in on one big goal and put all of your sweat equity into making magic happen!

Frequently Asked Questions
How long will I need brand mentorship?

This is up to you. You can sign-up whenever you want and cancel at any time. The value of brand mentorship are in two things: the monthly accountability sessions and discounted access to the digital workshops.

You can stay for as long or as short of a time as you want.

Can I get private time with you?

Each month I designate “office hours” which is how you can get personalized attention with me. These sessions are done via Google Hangouts and are available on a first come, first serve basis. During these sessions you can ask me anything (one question max.) and we’ll do a quick deep dive into your Q.

If you want more hands-on attention or personalized coaching, you can apply for a mastermind intensive or coaching program. If accepted, you can sign-up at a discounted rate.

What will I do each month?

The mentorship is flexible enough to give you the wiggle room to pursue whatever you want. You can use this as accountability to stay on track with your workflow. You can also use these monthly calls to get support as you launch a new project, service, product, course, website, lo que sea!

The purpose of this mentorship is to provide you with guidance and support so you can take action on whatever you want to create, build, and execute.

How will I access the content available to the mentorship?

After you sign-up, there will be a dedicated portal waiting for you. This is where you can access content for the mentorship, as well as anything you may have sign-up for.

Is there a Facebook group for the brand mentorship?

Capital N + Capital O = Nope.

OK, let’s talk about this. I created the mastery to provide you with the tools, resources, and support to be awesome. The last thing I want to do is add another group to your plate of things to keep up with. Chances are, you’re probably in a bunch of other Facebook groups and I don’t find most of them helpful for your hustle.

In the future, should there be a demand for a Facebook group, I will reconsider this but for now I rather you spend your time doing the work that builds your audience and generates income.

Do you offer email coaching?

At this time, email coaching is not available with the mentorship. Each time I’ve offered email coaching, I find few people really take advantage of it. Eventually what ends up happening is we get on a call. Once you’re in the mentorship, you will get to schedule micro-brand clarity sessions. These are 30 minute sessions, exclusively available to those in the mentorship.

You can sign-up for your session from the mentorship portal. Use these for those times when you need additional support as you work your hustle.

Enroll Today for Brand Mentorship!

BRAND MENTORSHIP STARTS JANUARY 1, 2019 but you can secure your spot today with early enrollment for a special introductory price.

Get ready to be magical, creative, and dope AF with your brand + business.

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This special offer expires on December 31, 2018.