Monetize Your Expertise

Brand Strategy with a Focus on Profit Potential

You want to build a dope brand + business but
need clarity, structure, and a vision
to bring it all together

so you can monetize your passion!

Days turn into weeks which turn into months and you’re still unsure about how to make sense of soulpreneurship. You get sporadic bouts of design envy and comparison flu.

It’s gotten to the point where you’re second guessing every move you make, every social media status update you write, every newsletter you send out, every penny you spend on trying to hack the hustle.

Have a seat. Get comfortable and tell me, how does your brand & business make you feel? 

If you’re not hopelessly in love with your brand, then “Houston, we’ve got a problem.” It’s OK if you find yourself at an impasse with how you’re showing up online.

If you started out as a…

  • life coach and now you want to sell custom jewelry
  • publicist and now you want to be a food blogger
  • business consultant and now you want to perform comedy improv shows

…that’s OK. The entrepreneurial journey starts in one place and it’s designed so that we take an awesome adventure. You don’t have to do what you’ve always done.


Monetize Your Expertise
8-week program
for multi-passionate soulpreneurs!

Accepting 5 2 new clients for December through January

Monetize Your Expertise is Perfect for:
Full-time employees who want to flee cubicle hell
Gen-X’ers who are ready for a life shift into soulpreneurship
Creative dreamers who want to monetize their crazy ideas
Freelancers who want to evolve their hustle and create a strategy
9-5’ers who are tapped out and ready to take a leap of faith

How many times has this scenario played out?

You have this wild idea to pursue your passion full-time.

You act on this wild idea by getting a website, engaging with people on social media and maybe even quitting your steady job.

You’ve been on Youtube for a gazillion hours watching “thought leaders” all tell you the same exact thing, but with different flavors of BS.

You think to yourself “how hard can this be?”
Over the course of 8 weeks
We'll Brainstorm, Strategize, Plan and Get Stuff Done!

What are strategies for positioning myself as a person who knows their ‘ish?

What are ways I can stand out and be memorable?

What is the email opt-in that is going to grab my right people’s attention?

What themes and topics should I be focused on and creating?

What type of biz model is going to work for me?

What kind of digital presence is going to best reflect my personal brand’s competitive edge?

Stop wondering if you’re doing it right.
Stop wondering if people “get” you or what you do.
Stop wondering about what you “should” be doing.

Together we’ll create a game plan that’s customized exclusively for you so that you can shine bright like a pyrite, on your own terms!

Session #1


Competitive Edge Breakdown

We’ll tackle the first major pink elephant in the room. Who you are IS your competitive edge so let’s identify what makes you awesome so you can lead with your strengths instead of trying to overcompensate in areas that are not your zone of genius.

You will learn:
  • what makes you uniquely YOU
  • which strengths are your passion points
  • the genesis of your core passion + desires

This initial strategy session will form the foundation for your brand story and how you position yourself within your industry. We will organize who you are, what makes you unique and show you how to incorporate your competitive edge into your business so that you’re servicing your ideal audience by doing what you love.


Session #2


Monetization Gameplan

Now that your “WHAT” is clear, let’s get our hands dirty with creating your game plan. Having a big picture vision involves being unrestricted with your aspirations. Don’t ask if it can be done. We can always find a way to make it happen. When you’re clear about what you want, your “HOW” has a funny way of showing up.

You will learn:
  • the different business models that can work for you
  • how to get from point A to point B
  • how to be creative with delivering your services, products and/or projects

This session will outline what you are offering, how you will position yourself to offer them. This will help give you structure, focus and organization so that you can break down milestones into manageable goals and create a realistic forecast.


Session #3


Brand Storytelling Clinic

When you’re online, the last thing you want to do is sound like everyone else. You’re NOT like everyone else and the best way to convey this is with language.Your unique personal brand has a language and during this session we’ll discover what it is.

You will learn:
  • How to identify the teachable moments in your story
  • What experiences can help amplify your message
  • How to express yourself in a way that only you can

This session will give you a better sense for what to share and how to share it. The trick to telling yourself is to be able to give your experiences a purpose that’s greater than yourself. Breakthroughs are often disguised as breakdowns so let’s figure out how to leverage your backstory for a greater good.

IN THIS SESSION, we will outline your official bio and brand story.

Session #4


Tribe Cultivation Strategies

The key to standing out online is to create an experience that’s memorable and captivating. An experience that makes people feel good and engages them to take action. This week we’ll focus on understanding how you can deliver an AH-MAZE-ING experience to your tribe.

You will learn:
  • the in’s and out’s of your target audience
  • how to engage your tribe and extend their brand experience
  • what topics to create content for that speaks to your tribe

This session will serve as the template for how you create a brand experience. Your email opt-in is an extension of your brand experience. It keeps you engaged with your tribe so that you’re building a long-term relationship with them so that you’re not some “Wham Bam Thank You Ma’am” kind of brand.

IN THIS SESSION, we will outline your content strategy.

What You Can Expect
Over the Next 8 weeks

90-Minute Sessions

We’ll connect via Zoom for 8 weeks. These are live sessions so be present and open, aka this is not the best time to multi-task.


On-The-Go Coaching

I’ll be via email and text, in between sessions, to answer Qs, provide additional support and guidance, and/or provide expert advice.


Strategy Materials

You will receive worksheets to help guide your efforts before and after each session, so that you can stay organized and on top of your hustle.


Dedicated Portal

Get access to a private Trello board with video session recordings, materials, and any additional goodies that can help you work your brand magic.


This program is for you:


You want to get unstuck with your brand + business.

You have an idea about what you want to do but you’re not sure how to transform that idea into something tangible.

You already know what you want but it’s not translating online.

You know you’re not “showing up” and you want to figure out why and how to change that.

You want to have service-based offerings but you’re not sure how to differentiate yourself.

You’re overwhelmed by the experts and all the information available online.

You’re getting ready to launch a website but your brand voice is not clear enough.


This program is not for you:


You want a cookie-cutter formula for making 6 figures in 30 days. There are others who do this but I’m not one of them.

You don’t have time to attend 90-minute video sessions for 8 weeks.

You’re not much of an active participant. Our weekly sessions are not for the “sit in the corner quietly” types. You will need to speak up and share.

It’s part of your journey! 😉

You expect quick results. Building your authentic brand is not a fly by night kind of thing. It takes time to plant the seeds.

You think you know what’s best and you’re not open to learning new perspectives, ideas, strategies or opinions.

Bonus Goodies!

You will receive a digital copy of the BANKABLE BRAND PLANNER so that you have the support you need to manage your boss brand, with ease and peace of mind!

You will get instant access to the digital edition.

I wrote the BANKABLE BRAND PLANNER to help keep me focused and aligned with my workflow. Here’s the thing, when you’re an entrepreneur, solopreneur, run a side hustle, whatever you want to  call it – staying organized with your brand + business can be overwhelming.

There’s social media, email marketing, SEO, Facebook ads, maybe you want to run an Instagram challenge, oh and let’s not forget Linkedin – the Jan Brady of social media platforms!

It is a lot and when you’re not organized then entrepreneurial chaos can easily overwhelm you. Most planners focus on creating structure for your life. I created this planner to help you create structure for your hustle. Plain and simple.

This is not a how-to guide by any means. The BANKABLE BRAND PLANNER was created to help you stay on track with your 90-day big picture vision. This planner is designed to help you track how you’re spending your time so that you don’t go down too many rabbit holes.

Apply Today!

I’d love to work with you…

however, given the nature of this program,
we need to connect first so that I know you are ready
for what’s required of you.

Once you complete this application, you’ll get access
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