Organize Your
Creative Genius

Brand Strategy with a Focus on Content + Automation

Upgrade Your Vision and
Create Structure with Your Brand
so you can manage your bankable hustle

with clarity, confidence, and courage.

You want structure, focus, and organization but it’s not as simple as you initially thought it would be. Let me guess, you started with a website, social media profiles, and you hit the ground running with ambition and all that #LadyBoss drive…but things are not working out how you’d like.

You don’t just need a strategy, you need to build a foundation with intention and purpose so that all the moving pieces seamlessly come together. Together we work together to organize your creative genius so that you have the structure you need to build your digital empire, big and small.

Success is the intersection of personality, passion, and profit.

I am the savvy & clever BFF you never knew you always needed because I use my mojo to help you…

  • overcome imposter syndrome
  • recover from bouts of analysis paralysis
  • weed through information overwhelm
  • manage entrepreneurial chaos
  • identify your zone of genius

…so that you are tapping into your own personal blend of magic and showing up online as the best version of yourself.

Organize Your Creative Genius was created to help you
Get Clarity, Confidence, and Courage
to manage and launch your online brand, with personality & style.

does this sound like you…

I have no idea WTF I’M DOING on social media, my website, or with email marketing.

I know I should be BUILDING MY LIST but I need direction on how and where to start.

I am PASSIONATE ABOUT TOO MANY TOPICS and I’m not sure if I should just pick one.

I know my ZONE OF GENIUS but need a game plan for leveraging it.

I know my ‘ish but I lack the structure to EXECUTE WITH EASE & CONFIDENCE.

I’d love to MONETIZE MY BANKABLE SKILLS without compromising my integrity.

I am OVERWHELMED by all the content available online about building my brand and business.

I am ready to make a change and pivot towards what WHAT LIGHTS UP MY SOUL.

I want to elevate my brand but I need GUIDANCE, SUPPORT, AND AN OCCASIONAL EAR TO VENT my frustrations during bouts of overwhelm and emotional insecurity about pursuing this whole “passion as a business” thing.

Organize Your Creative Genius
addresses the 4 core areas
that are at the foundation of your creative brand strategy.
Isn't it time to get your brand organized so that you can

Rome wasn’t built overnight, and it sure as hell wasn’t built alone.

Yet here you are, thinking about how you can build your own (small or large) empire, all by your ambitious self.

Sure you may outsource a few graphics and micro-manage that virtual assistant,
who (let’s be honest) can’t seem to quite “get” you.

And yet, you find that even with
ALL of your sweat equity and sleepless nights,
there’s still so much left to be done before you can claim your victory.

What if you had a fairy godmother for your brand?

What if someone gave you the resources and tools to develop a brand strategy that makes the most sense for who YOU are?

As a website bruja and brand whisperer,
I teach you how to stand in your truth & embrace your authentic voice
so you can show up online as the best version of your self.

Instead of keeping up with the Jones, I show you how to do it your way.

The reality is there may not be a model for you to emulate.

You will need to set the mold, which you can totally do,
once you have the clarity, confidence, and courage
to execute with consistency.

Organize Your Creative Genius

is a virtual brand strategy program
comprised of 6 MODULES with
to help you do the work of
transforming overwhelm into progress.

Modules Only

Get Access to the 6 modules and work through the lessons and program materials at your own pace.

Modules + Sessions

Get all 6 modules PLUS bi-weekly 90-minute sessions, for 3 months, where we work on your brand + business.


During this MODULE,
you will identify the different ways you can leverage your skills to generate income.

Whether you’re offering a group program, home study course, live event, year-long membership, or private services – we’ll work on making it a one-of-a-kind experience.

In this module you will focus on your
money maker.

the blueprint for
one signature offering.


your offering with
PDFs, resources and logistical details.


your offering into
modules and/or sessions.


During this MODULE,
You will outline how to express your brand voice with intention.

You will dissect your story so that you’ll pulling out the gems and leaving behind the pieces that are WAY too TMI. Balance your story so you’re giving enough without selling your soul.

In this module you will focus on your
brand voice.

a brand dictionary so you can hone your voice.


a personal brand manifesto rooted in passion + purpose.


topics that serve as your signature calling card.


During this MODULE,
You will organize your email opt-in offer and sequences.

Cultivate your tribe by building a list with potential clients and customers. Learn how to automate the process so that you’re creating a memorable brand experience.

In this module you will focus on your
email marketing.

your lead magnet email opt-in offer.


the email marketing funnel sequence.


your free offer, delivered as PDF.


During this MODULE,
You will create the blueprint for your next launch.

Put the elements in place to so you can launch a marketing campaign for your program, e-course, new product, or any offering that you intend to make $$ from.

In this module you will focus on your
launch strategy.

a launch calendar with your marketing game plan.


your launch materials, including the promos.


your marketing to execute across social & email.


During this MODULE,
You will brainstorm and plan topics and themes so your content is relevant.

Just because you build it doesn’t mean they will come. You have to consistently dangle a carrot so you’re pulling in your audience & leveraging opportunities to convert, year round.

In this module you will focus on your
content strategy.

an annual content calendar.


your brand storytelling.


topics for the next 12 months.


During this MODULE,
You will create a brand style guide & supporting visuals.

The design process is always last. Once your brand message, voice, and digital offerings are organized you can enter the design phase with clear intentions so you can optimize your graphics for maximum conversion.

In this module you will focus on your
Website designs.

visuals to match your personal brand style.


a mood board to captivate your audience.


landing & sales pages for your offerings.

Who is this for?
Organize Your Creative Genius
was created for...

who want to build their online business and need structure to organize their services, programs, and content creation.

who launch special initiatives and need support with harnessing their unique brand voice and organizing their digital game plan.

who have established brands and need guidance with consolidating what they have to create the foundations for their empire.

who have a conscious driven business and need a strategy that allows them to build their brand with personality, purpose, and soul.

Walk away learning how to...












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My name is Vicky and I created
the Sacred Brand Mastery for you!

I show multi-passionate women how to ideate and organize your creative genius into a memorable signature offering so that they are able to harness and express their unique brand voice.

With over 15 years experience in design and online marketing, I help you navigate the entrepreneurial journey by leveraging your personal brand to create a sustainable online business.

My work experience includes program development and vocational counseling within the social services sector and the startup industry. I’ve also worked with major media and entertainment brands such as NBC Universal and Vme TV. 

It’s not just about building a website and crafting a kick-ass marketing plan. I show you how to cultivate your brand + business by show up as your authentic self.

When I’m not making magic, you can find me musing about the entrepreneurial lifestyle as my endless quest for the perfect chai tea latte sends me on quirky adventures with my SLR camera and Spotify playlists in tow. (Monster ballads + freestyle, anyone?)

where you have seen or heard me
What others have to say
about working with me

Vicky is that virtual “friend” turned real life consultant and magic worker for the hustling creative and soloprenuer.  For the better part of 7 years, I had two blogs, one culinary/travel and one fashion/lifestyle, which meant I had two voices, two audiences and two calendars to maintain. It was a lot and very overwhelming.

Vicky strategically (with measurable results) convinced me to merge and consolidate my brands into what is now House of Bren, where I seamlessly house all of my passions. Not only did she direct, manage and consolidate a decade worth of work, she also designed my new website where it authentically represents my brand, spirit and personality.

The process was grueling but worth every dime and minute spent. She saved me long-term headaches and natural anxieties with being an uber creative with many artistic arms to share. Now, everything is extremely manageable under one big lifestyle umbrella that invites everyone.

To that point, Vicky helped me understand and see the value of very clear brand distinction and voice.

Bren Herrera, Author, Chef, and Lifestyle Expert

Vicky helped me start my online retail business from scratch. I hired Vicky as my web designer to create a website for women’s apparel and accessories. However, Vicky did much more than that.

Vicky was the glue that held this amazing process all together. She guided me and patiently helped me figure out exactly what I needed and wanted to launch my website for women’s apparel and accessories. She is the most patient person to work with.

She’s innovative, efficient, smart, and creative. And more importantly, Vicky understands her market so she’s able to offer advice and input that’s vital for success.

Vicky is able to listen to someone’s vision and make it become a reality. I would work with Vicky over and over again. She’s the best!”

Fay Andreola, Lifestyle Entrepreneur & Style Expert

She is a brand genius. She organized all my random thoughts & content ideas and literally mapped it all out for me with files and dates. She took my ideas and transformed them into action.

In addition, Vicky was with me from beginning to end of my launch and even throughout the program. She wrote and came up with some of the most genius copy. She also helped me spruce up my writing and integrated it right in with the core messaging of my signature program Fierce Love Fierce Life. Her support helped me upped my whole story and messaging.

Vicky was always there to guide me and just took all the stress away for me and truly made me feel that I was taking my business to the next level. She gave me the genius idea to focus on my expertise as a therapist and coach who specializes in helping women break free from love addiction. She saw that clearly and that has drastically altered my business. I now own being a love addiction expert, all thanks to Vicky’s brand eye.

I highly recommend Vicky and know, without a shadow of a doubt, she will be an amazing investment in your business as you take it the next level.

Upgrade time baby!

Christine Gutierrez, Therapist and Love Addiction Expert

Vicky is a brilliant brand strategist and experienced online marketer. I first worked with Vicky when I decided to rebrand my tech lifestyle blog and also launch a new site for my consulting company. This is was a particularly important project because I was rebranding to “me” (the destination brands would include my name), thus you can only imagine the care with which I evaluated the right partnership for this project.

I am a marketing professional and had worked to launch/reposition many brands for Fortune 100 companies. But this was highly personal: the new websites had to reflect my personality as well as new goals for each. This didn’t just entail the name change. It included everything from new site design and content development to messaging and user engagement.

Vicky was the perfect partner. Her strategic approach produced a solid new brand strategy: site structure and design/look and feel, targeted new content and digital marketing strategies for the new brands. Her months of work on behalf of my brand truly exceeded my expectations – so much so that she is helping once again as I embark on yet another brand journey.

Needless to say, I highly recommend Vicky. She’s a pro and the quality of her work is the best I’ve seen in the interactive space.

Rosa Alonso, Reinvention Strategist and Marketing Expert

When I decided to invest in a Creative Digital Strategy Session with Vicky Ayala, I was excited about sharing all of my programs and products for the year. Yet, I was feeling overwhelmed with ideas for getting my online brand to the next level. I knew I could not let this continue, so I chose to get into action.

After working with Vicky, she helped me download all my ideas out of my head and on to paper. Her session supported me to take a look at my systems and finally gain clarity about my goals for my online brand. This lead to her creating the solid annual marketing plan I needed with a structure to deliver content to my ideal clients while staying true to my voice.

I finally feel ready to connect with my tribe and share my programs that they have been waiting for. If you want to take your online brand to the next level, Hire Vicky!

Lisa Velazquez, Lovestyle Coach, Thought Leader & Founder

As a fairly new company we had been trying to find our voice through our website for some time. We had a few ‘experiences’ that led to frustration and the site was still not even close to what it needed to be, until we found Vicky Ayala. Her passion for her profession is evident in her technical expertise, her vision and her strategic guidance.

In addition to her knowledge of the digital market, Vicky’s strategic direction and advice has been invaluable to our company. is the gateway to the brand we are building and the first impression brand partners receive. Our previous website was very dated and, to be honest, boring.

Vicky’s design and strategic direction brought our company into the 21st century. Vicky has become an integral part of Casa Latina’s team. We rely on her guidance, support, expertise and advice on an ongoing basis and we’d be lost without her.

What makes working with Vicky so refreshing is the fact that she’s never too busy to hear a question, never too busy to too run through a page and explain its function, and she is never too busy to repeat the same answer for the third time.

She has a talent for breaking down the technical jargon and making it understandable and implementable on our end. She is also on top of all the latest technological advances and understands how to integrate them to keep our digital platform fresh and relevant.

She has a winning combination of technical expertise, strategic vision, enthusiasm and patience. I look forward to a continuing collaboration with Vicky Ayala and highly recommend her as a digital consultant and strategist!

Nora Diaz-Bretherton & Marlene Pratt, Co-Founders of