Sacred Brand Archetype Cards
Because who you are is your competitive edge.

Whether you’re into reading for others or yourself, these cards are great for readings that relate to your brand and business.

Pair these cards with another deck when you need to do deep intensive soul searching about who you are and what you want to do. You can also pull a card, or two, when you need to do an intervention with your inner voice.

The SACRED BRAND ARCHETYPES CARDS can be used at any time. They were created with the intention to give you clarity with your brand voice.

You can channel them when you’re struggling with how to express yourself and you can also channel them when you need to transform yourself to execute like a boss.

The SACRED BRAND ARCHETYPES CARD DECK is comprised of 24 cards with a short profile of the creator, free spirit, go-getter, and nurturer archetypes.

Your deck includes a digital copy of the Sacred Brand Archetypes Workbook, a 131 page book that gives you insight into the archetypes and how to leverage their energy. You will receive this workbook immediately upon purchase.

Card dimensions:
  • Full color on 330gsm smooth quality card stock with a glossy finish
  • 88.9mm x 146.05mm, 3.5in x 5.75in
  • Shrink-wrapped (no box)

Because this is a print-on-demand deck, orders are placed once a week to the printers. All decks are ordered on Sunday evening. Your purchase must be made by Friday night in order to get included for that week’s batch.

Production and shipping time is approximately 9-10 business days. Once your order has been placed with the printers, I will follow-up and let you know the status.

A note for international orders: I love it when my products travel the world! They get to go to places I have yet to visit. I see you Amsterdam!! Keep in mind, when you purchase from my site, I am not responsible for VAT or other import taxes and fees you may incur via your local customs office.


Use this deck to reflect on your passion, purpose, and personality.

I’ve been in this hustle since 2003 and since then my brand & business as evolved. The SACRED BRAND ARCHETYPES helps me identify a client’s core passion points as well as how to leverage their personality for profit.

When I’m not working with clients on their brands, I use the archetypes to help me better understand what energy and strengths I need to harness for myself.

Some days I need to bring out my inner creative entrepreneur to make something pretty, while other days call for my inner business maven to close a deal.

Regardless of where you’re at with your brand & business, I’m confident this deck can help shed some light with your personal brand awakening as well as provide guidance as you continue to navigate the entrepreneurial journey.

Use the SACRED BRAND ARCHETYPE CARDS by your lonesome or get your tribe together and leverage this oracle deck with your coven of hustlers, brujas, and entrepreneurs.

Preview sample cards from the deck