Creativity + Magic Journal


Softcover & Casewrap Hardcover
Size: 6×9 in
164 Pages

Purchase one for yourself or start your own mastermind and use this diary for your crew of aspiring soulfully driven entrepreneurs.

For wholesale orders of 30 or more, contact me for special pricing.


Meet the Creativity + Magic Journal

Write that next novel. Muse about your current obsessions. Personally, I’ve been getting back into art and culture. Museum trips anyone?!

What I love about a blank journal is that it can become whatever you need it to be. Whether that’s tracking your meals or creating a game plan for your hustle, a blank journal becomes the peanut butter to your jelly.

It can store your deepest secrets and it can give you the space to awaken your light.

Let’s be real though, a journal is as indicative of your style as much as those designer jeans and expensive latte are. So much so that you very likely buy a journal based on what it looks like because at the end of a day, a blank sheet of paper is still a blank sheet of paper.

But the cover to that journal…that’s all you!

So I’ve created some cute, quirky, and stylish journals to help with your creativity + magic flow.