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Ever wonder how some products fly off the shelves while others collect dust? Which one do you want to be?

Whatever kind of brand you have, when you’re online and off, you are in the business of selling the dream. If you are selling paint, you are selling the dream of having a visually appealing bedroom. If you are selling t-shirts, you are selling the dream of feeling good in a stylish outfit. If you are selling business coaching services, you are selling the dream of financial stability.

In STORYTELLING THAT CONVERTS, I will walk you through my process of crafting a brand voice that aligns your authenticity with your business goals.

This masterclass is for you if you want to write captivating copy, engage your customers, and/or convert your audience. We’ll discuss how you can sound original, interesting, and relevant so that you’re standing out in a crowded market and creating a memorable brand experience.

You don’t just build a website and create a social media profile. You’re cultivating an experience. Visitors will come, look at your visuals, read your copy, and form an opinion. Imagine being able to influence that opinion so that you can engage them to take poignant action?

Let’s do exactly that!

Masterclass Details

Your masterclass is broken up into 3 parts:

Teachable Lessons

Pull out your notebook, grab some chai, and let’s brainstorm your online store.

Watch Me Create Magic

I’ll share my screen and walk you through the process of creating your sacred brand voice.

Frequently Asked Questions

I’ll wrap up the masterclass addressing the most common issues you might deal with.

What We’ll Cover:

The format for each masterclass follows the same 6 part phase of transforming an idea into something you can rock with. From ideation to execution, we’ll cover each phase with enough juicy details that you’ll be genuinely excited to forge new relationships and engage a captivated audience.

These masterclasses serve 2 purposes:
  • To give you confidence so you can be strategic with your brand storyelling
  • To show you how to cultivate and convert your brand conversations

Storytelling That Converts is ideal for the entrepreneur who wants to improve how they are communicating with their audience and customers.

Phase 1: Conversion Types

We will discuss how you can identify the different types of converting opportunities. Converting a prospect can start with something as simple as getting them to join your email list, visit your website, or purchase a product.

Learn how to optimize different converting opportunities.

Phase 2: Audience Profiles

Your audience will vary with their engagement. Some will like, comment, and share while others will quietly watch from a distance. You’ll have subscribers who will join your list and buy for the first time in 2 years while others will buy on day 1.

A clear audience profile gives you clarity with how to speak (writing voice) and what to say (topics and themes).

Phase 3: Writing Styles

Writing and storytelling, although seemingly similar, are quite different in execution. You write a resume, yet you tell your story in the cover letter.

How you write should resonate with who you’re speaking to. What words will spark their interest? Do they want you to be a coach or strategist? Do they respond to #girlboss or #bosslady?

Words matter. Once you have a cohesive brand language that you can tap into, you’ll be able to better communicate with the people you want to engage.

Phase 4: Customer Brand Relationship

There’s a difference between your audience and your customers and you need to have a strong understanding of why. You don’t want to be an influencer with 2+ million followers and not be able to sell 40 shirts. Words have a way of crafting an intimate relationship with your peeps.

We’ll discuss the types of relationships you can cultivate with your fans, audience, community, and customers.

Phase 5: Storytelling Strategy

Who you are is your competitive edge, and your story is the hook that brings in your audience. You don’t want to share for the sake of sharing. There should be a “method to the madness.”

Brand storytelling is more than spamming the world with random prose. Be intentional. Be strategic. Be purposeful.

Phase 6: Personalized Brand Experience

Selling should not be a “hit it and quit it” experience. How are you building a relationship with your customers? Do you stay engaged with them after the initial sale? Are you encouraging repeat purchases? Do your emails have a distinct voice?

A memorable buying experience is key for word of mouth referrals, in addition to having a dope product!

We’ll talk about how you can create that personalized experience, one that reflects your brand and is automate-able. Is that even a word?!

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