Copywriting Support, on and off the record

Words have the power to
Influence, Sway, and Engage
people into taking action

so that you can help them with your magic!

We are all born with a magical light inside of us, but somewhere along the way, we’re conditioned to believe otherwise. You ARE the light. You ARE the north star. You ARE the secret sauce that brings your brand + business success. However, there’s a disconnect with this truth and how you’re actually showing up in the world.

Once upon a time lived an idea that anything was possible. Then social media came along and fucked it all up! Now we’re storytellers in addition to all of the other hats we need to wear, and frankly, you are exhausted from assuming all of the roles you never thought you needed to play.

Brand storytelling is more than just a clever bio and catchy sales copy.

It’s about having a deep understanding of who you’re talking to so that you can tap into your audience’s emotional triggers.

Anyone can buy a Facebook Ad, boost an IG post, send out a gazillion funnel emails, and re-write the same boring sales copy that upsells your leads into qualified buyers who are then tagged in your marketing platform so they can become recurring customers who stay addicted to whatever you are selling. But where’s the emotion in all of this and, yo, what about your personality?

How do you find that balance of catchy but professional, effective but unique, and creative but simple?
Brand Storytelling is your solution to
Presenting the most creative and expressive version
of your kick-ass brand + business, online.

does this sound like you…

I struggle with TELLING MY STORY in a way that captures the attention of others.

I have nuggets of wisdom that aren’t getting EXPRESSED WITH INTENTION.

I am not consistent with my online hustle because I DON’T KNOW WHAT TO SAY.

I can’t tell the difference between what’s AUTHENTIC SHARING and what’s TMI.

I am multi-passionate and I need to be MORE COHESIVE with how I position myself.

I am all over the place with my message and people GET EASILY CONFUSED.

My vision is really big and I need support and guidance with HONORING MY AMBITION.

It’s time to ELEVATE MY HUSTLE so that I don’t sound generic, like everyone else in my niche.

I am ready to align my PASSION AND PURPOSE with an authentic online voice, one that amplifies my message and creates synergy, opportunities, and connection with my intended audience.

With the right narrative and strategy,
We all have a memorable story to share
so that we're engaging with the people who need to hear it the most.

Your story is already being told. Are you being pro-active in leading the narrative?

Everything we do is telling a story. The content we share, the graphics + pictures we post, the choices we make, all of it is playing a part in the story of YOU.

How are you taking charge of what’s being said?

Your brand is exactly that, YOURS! With storytelling, you’re in a position of power. You get to shift how people perceive who you are and what you’re all about.

When you allow your actions to align with the words you’re sharing, this is where the magic happens.

This can be hard for some people. Not just because change is difficult. Many people don’t know what to say and how to align their hustle with their words.

Intention is the name of the game.

How intentional are you being with your brand story?

Brand strategy is more than just knowing what to do. It’s knowing what to say about what you’re going to do.

If you’re online and need to leverage storytelling to build an audience, sell your services, position your brand, and engage your potential customers – then brand storytelling is for you!

Select from the 2 packages below to get this writing party started!

Storytelling Trio Package


  • BRAND STORYTELLING STRATEGY SESSION, done virtually for 45-minutes via Zoom, to discuss your passion, purpose, personality, profit potential, audience, voice, and your desired style of storytelling. In this call we will also review your current brand and identify the areas where your story needs better clarity and enhancements.
  • PERSONALIZED COPYWRITING¬†for 3 pages on your website. Select from the following list: home, about + bio, work with me, lead generation (aka the epic email opt-in), and the sales page.
  • UNLIMITED REVISIONS so that we make sure to get your story right and expressed in the way that best resonates with your brand and business goals.

Inbox Storytelling Package


  • CONTENT STRATEGY SESSION, done virtually each month for 30 minutes, via Zoom, to discuss your editorial calendar, upcoming promotions, launches, and events so that your newsletters are aligned with your overall brand + business goals.
  • PERSONALIZED COPYWRITING for one ongoing newsletter, delivered to your email list on a weekly basis, for a total of 4 newsletters per month.
  • UNLIMITED REVISIONS so that we make sure to get your story right and expressed in the way that best resonates with your brand and business goals.
Ready to Write Your Epic Story?!
Let's Talk About How Your Brand Can Live Happily Ever After!

Select Your Package.

It’s as simple as getting on my calendar. From there, we’ll get on a call and discuss how to help you show up as the best version of your brand. The first call is like a brand therapy session because I need to know you just as well as, if not better than, you know yourself.

Review Your Drafts.

The first shitty draft won’t be the final masterpiece. This is how the writing process goes and explains why I offer unlimited revisions. Brand storytelling is a journey. Reflect and take notes on your initial draft. Then let’s finesse it to perfection!

Own Your Authentic Voice.

I am not here to create your voice. I am here to express what is already within you. Allow your brand voice to evolve and stand tall in the truth of your words. I will write your story but it will be up to you to honor your voice and publish it to the world.

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Storytelling Trio



done virtually via Zoom

delivered as a Word Doc

for brand voice enhancements and finessing

Inbox Storytelling



done monthly virtually via Zoom

drafted and scheduled once per week

for brand voice enhancements and finessing